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20991Re: Jackson: threat, menace, or bore?

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  • not_thou
    Jan 17, 2010
      Sorry -- I didn't mean to give the impression that I was disagreeing with you: just expanding on your note of caution. My quibble would indeed be with O'Hehir and Burr.

      Until Burr pointed it out to him, O'Hehir seems not even to have noticed (or perhaps not given much thought to) LOTR's absence from the approximatley 70 suggestions he received from his invited contributors, which had resulted in about 30 people providing a post each to Salon's "Films of the Decade" series between Dec. 13 and 31. Almost all of those posts discussed just one film. (I see now that I may have misunderstood O'Hehir, as I had took his comments to mean that he had received suggestions from 70 different people, from which I thought 30 led to actual posts -- the rest presumably omitted from the series due to duplication or for various mundane reasons. Instead it may have been just those 30 people, averaging about two suggestions each.) The Village Voice's decade results and its polls from 2001-3, and some overlap between O'Hehir's contributors and the Voice's, suggested to me that the critics O'Hehir follows were never the fans of LOTR that he thought they once were.

      In addition to LOTR's absence from the Salon series, Burr claimed to have found the film regularly missing from other top-ten lists for the decade. I had a different impression, and offered some counter-examples accordingly, but I didn't conduct a thorough search for every list out there -- but clearly Burr didn't either, since he missed some rather prominent appearances. A project for some truly dedicated fan of the films.

      So yes, my point was, as you wrote, that:

      << the generalizations are false, the statistics are unrepresentative, and the personal reaction is sui generis. >>

      I should have been clearer.

      As it happens, I've only seen ten of the 30 top Voice choices for 2001-2003, eight of which I enjoyed. And I've only seen the LOTR films once each.

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