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20929REALLY Important Mythcon Announcement

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  • lynnmaudlin
    Dec 3, 2009
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      For those of you who purchased your Mythcon 41 memberships at UCLA this summer (and everybody else):

      >>> July 9-12, 2010 <<<

      THE DATES HAVE CHANGED - the new date is July 9-12, 2010 - that's one week earlier than we anticipated & announced as our target date.

      Turns out the expectation that we would have the date confirmed early in the school year was not a realistic expectation and Thanksgiving was more like the target window. So we're a week later than SMU anticipated.

      There are several really good aspects to this change that have to do with the space available to us at SMU and the groups on campus at the same time as Mythcon but the most exciting (imho, of course) is that the dates work for the campus sponsor (required by SMU) and the Mythcon 41 will have a special writers' track & a good chunk of local involvement.

      If you have a problem or questions regarding the date change (which, sadly, one Steward who does) please contact mythcon41 AT mythsoc DOT org (email address, you do the math).


      -- Lynn Maudlin, Secretary for Mythopoeic Conferences --
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