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20906Re: [mythsoc] Daniel Pinkwater

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  • John Rateliff
    Oct 29 1:05 PM
      By no means! I'm a great admirer of THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE AVOCADO OF DOOM* and its sequel THE SNARKOUT BOYS AND THE BACONBURG HORROR; I even have an audiobook of the former (was ever any book so obviously written by a man on a diet?), read by the author himself. But I've never been able to get enthused about any of his other books, of which I've only read a smattering.  Any you'd particularly recommend?

      As for why he hasn't won -- well, the Snarkout books occupy a weird almost-fantasy realm. And his masterpieces came out before there was a Children's Fantasy Award. Plus they're comic, and awards traditionally downplay the achievements of writers whose books are funny.


      *"Oh, lordy, he's got me by the feet!"


      On Oct 28, 2009, at 8:09 AM, WendellWag@... wrote:
      Am I the only Daniel Pinkwater fan here?  I am almost finished with his new book The Yggyssey, and it occurred to me that I should nominate it for next year's Mythopoeic Children's Fantasy Award.  Then I realized that no Pinkwater book has ever made the list of finalists.  Why not, I wonder.  I think his stuff is great.  Pinkwater deserves his own Library of America volume.  (It's possible for a living author to get a volume, since Philip Roth has one.  It's possible for a science fiction author to get one, since Philip K. Dick got three of them.  It's possible for a humor writer to get one, since James Thurber and George Kaufman each got one.)  For the moment, I'll settle for nominating The Yggyssey (and maybe the earlier book The Neddiad, since it's a series) for next year's Mythopoeic award.
      Wendell Wagner

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