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20867Re: [mythsoc] An Old Debate

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  • John Davis
    Oct 5, 2009
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      Interesting. That is not my recollection of the debate - for if it were the case, then surely there would have been no debate? Rather, I thought that there were those who were arguing that LotR is _not_ a pagan work, meaning it must then be solely a Catholic one, and others such as myself arguing that it is both Pagan and Catholic and other things besides.
      But now I've gone and stirred up what was best left alone. And I didn't actually meant to send that email - I wrote it, then thought I'd deleted it rather than sent it.
      Sorry 'bout that.
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      On Oct 5, 2009, at 8:09 AM, John Davis wrote:

      > A few months ago, there was a debate on this list about whether LotR
      > was a solely Catholic work, or whether it was also, in addition, a
      > Pagan/Neo-Pagan/ Green/what- have-you work.

      This is not an accurate description of the debate. No one was arguing
      that LotR is "solely" a Catholic work; rather, the argument was that
      the (arguably) pagan elements seen in it were in fact consistent with
      Catholic theology.


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