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20854Re: [mythsoc] Re: Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series

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  • David Bratman
    Sep 20, 2009
      pegasus48124 <pegasus48124@...> wrote:

      >Wikipedia places all the Tolkien books, the E.R. Eddison,
      >Peake and two by Beagle and the David Lindsay in a kind
      >of publisher's pre-series, followed by the first actual series
      >book "The Blue Star" by Pratt.

      Here they are merely following series editor Lin Carter's classification, as listed in his book _Imaginary Worlds_, which contains a list of all the Adult Fantasy series books up to that date (June 1973). "I list them below, in sequence of publication, as a sort of preface to the Series proper: they are all books I would certainly have urged Ballantine to publish." He then goes on to explain how the series itself began and how he was brought in to edit it.
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