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  • pegasus48124
    Sep 18 5:48 PM
      You say you've read the whole series (I'm getting there slowly,also reading many other things as I go). What were some of the best and the worst for you, if you don't mind sharing?

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Joe Hoopman" <hoopmanjh@...> wrote:
      > I didn't start seriously collecting the BAF until the 1990's, but I already
      > had several volumes (Clark Ashton Smith and some of the Carter anthologies)
      > even before I realized there was such a thing as a Ballantine Adult Fantasy
      > series. I was able to acquire most of the series over the years just by
      > stopping in at Uncle Hugo's Science Fiction Bookstore and at Dreamhaven
      > Books, both in Minneapolis, MN, and scanning the shelves; I picked up the
      > last few stragglers online when this new-fangled Internet thing started to
      > take off.
      > Back in the late 1990's I went through and read the entire series in BAF
      > publication order. (Not all at once -- I'd read, say, five BAF volumes,
      > then shift to something else for a while, then come back.) Some of the
      > books were, um, challenging -- I found The Shaving of Shagpat almost
      > unreadable, and there's always The Night Land to consider -- but it really
      > was an amazing collection.
      > And after finishing the BAF, I sat down and read James Stoddard's The High
      > House and The False House, which I highly recommend to any Ballantine Adult
      > Fantasy fans (or indeed to anyone who just likes good book) -- Stoddard is
      > also a BAF fan and the books have lots of references, some subtle, some not
      > so much, to various characters and places from the series.
      > Joe Hoopman
      > > Just thought I'd try and start a new thread and see where it goes. As an
      > > old-timer and reader of adult fantasy, I must say that Lin Carter
      > > certainly kept me going through high school and university (and again in
      > > later life)with the fabulous and fun books with the unicorn on them that
      > > he edited. I first came across Ballantine fantasy paperbacks, as some of
      > > you may have, through their publication of The Hobbit, the Tolkien
      > > Trilogy, the ER Eddison series, and the Gormenghast books. Always
      > > thirsting for more, I stumbled across Morris' Well of the World's End when
      > > I was 17 and never looked back. I have since collected nearly the whole
      > > series, and read many but not all of the volumes. I am back in the saddle
      > > and hoping to complete my collection (both the unicorn series and the
      > > pre-series)and read and reread them all. I recently reread The Dream
      > > Quest of Unknown Kadath, and was completely blown away by the last short
      > > story by Lovecraft in that volume(who is in a very Dunsanyian
      > > mood)entitled "The Strange High House in the Mist". Truly mythical
      > > stuff!! It's fun going into used book shops and finding owners who know
      > > about the series and enjoy talking about it. Maybe a few of you out there
      > > would like to share your memories of discovering it. If you haven't yet
      > > discovered it, then you really don't know what you are missing!
      > >
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