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    Aug 26 10:23 AM
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      > I have a friend who likes to read LOTR in French translation:
      > keeps her French in practice & she processes the story differently...

      I do the same with my Italian copies, and I've read pieces of the
      French translations too. It's very good practice, and you do notice
      different things. I have a friend who likes to read the French while
      his high school students are doing busy-work. One of his students once
      asked, "Wow, so you know French well enough to read The Lord of the
      Rings in it?!" To which my friend replied, "Not really; it's the
      reverse: I know The Lord of the Rings well enough to manage with the

      I've done that with the Bible for years -- given that not only do I
      know the content pretty well, but it's the one book that's been
      translated in many of the languages I study.
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