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208Re: The How and Why of Bakshi's LotR film

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  • Diane Baker
    Jun 17 8:30 AM
      Lisa Deutsch Harrigan wrote:

      > Much better to settle and shut the matter up than trust it to the capricious US
      > courts.

      By all means, keep it out of the US courts! Capricious is hardly the
      word to describe them.

      > But "Where There's a Whip, There's a Way" is so bad, it has to be shared with those who appreciate crazy real bad stuff.

      This qualifies---even the thought of it still makes me laugh! :)

      > I like Bakshi's Wizards (which was his test ground for LoTR) much > better. He should have stopped there.
      > Mythically yours,
      > Lisa
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