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2070Re: [mythsoc] Interesting item in an article in _The Washington Post_

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  • Ted Sherman
    Aug 5, 2000
      Uh, Wendell, what's the point?


      PS: I won't be at MythCon this year--don't want to get too near the Cracks of

      WendellWag@... wrote:

      > Here's the letter I've just sent to The Washington Post:
      > To the editors:
      > In an article on page A7 of the July 24, 2000 issue, you write that as a
      > memento of a meeting, George W. Bush "dug up" and sent to a Wheaton College
      > professor a copy of a Time magazine cover showing C. S. Lewis. My first
      > reaction was that it's impossible to just casually dig up this issue (which
      > is from September 8, 1947). In over twenty-five years of reading and
      > casually collecting Lewis's works, I've never seen a copy of it. It's not
      > that the issue is really rare. Lots of libraries have complete sets of Time
      > magazine, but I'll assume that Bush didn't steal the copy from a library.
      > It's not the sort of thing that can be found by casually searching used
      > bookstores though, and I assumed that it would take paying a dealer to do an
      > extensive (and rather expensive) search if one wanted a copy.
      > I asked people on an E-mail mailing list I belong to just how hard it would
      > be to find this issue. To my surprise, one person was able to suggest a
      > fairly simple way to obtain a copy. He did a search on the Internet on
      > dealers of used Time magazines. He found quite a few of them and E-mailed
      > them all asking if they had the issue. Several of them did, and he was able
      > to buy a copy for only four dollars. So I conclude that it's not that
      > difficult to obtain the issue with the C. S. Lewis cover now that we have the
      > Internet. But then, we have Al Gore to thank for that, right?
      > Sincerely,
      > Wendell Wagner, Jr.
      > Anyway, I won't be leaving till the 13th, but for those who are leaving this
      > week, have a nice trip and I'll see you at Mythcon.
      > The Mythopoeic Society website http://www.mythsoc.org

      Dr. Theodore James Sherman, Editor
      Mythlore: A Journal of J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Charles Williams and
      Mythopoeic Literature
      Box X041, Department of English
      Middle Tennessee State University
      Murfreesboro, TN 37132
      615 898-5836; FAX 615 898-5098
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