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  • Joe Christopher
    Jul 11, 2009
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      I don't know if there are any Anthony Boucher fans among the MythSoc--that
      is, fans of his non-fantasy writing also--but I thought I'd draw your
      attention to the just-published volume that I edited: _The Casebook of
      Gregory Hood_ (Crippen and Landru, $29 hardcover, $19 paper--the paper is
      available from Amazon.com). It contains 14 radio amateur-detective scripts
      from 1946, with an introduction, some footnotes, and a checklist of scripts
      by me. I mention Boucher because his is the name author of the book, but
      actually he was doing the plots and Denis Green was doing the final scripts.

      In the endnotes to the introduction, I briefly mention some members of the
      MythSoc for giving help--David Bratman in 3rd note for some Gilbert and
      Sullivan information; and in the 8th note, Bratman again and Jason Fisher,
      Mark Hooker, Alexei Kondratiev, and Wendell Wagner for comments on a phrase
      in "Groznian." My thanks to them.