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2060Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter, an 11 year old view

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  • David S. Bratman
    Aug 2 1:47 PM
      There's a difference between mixed good/bad people and mixed moral
      messages. _The Lord of the Rings_, for instance, has the former but not
      the latter. "Good and evil have not changed since yesterday," Aragorn
      says (approx. quote), "nor are they one thing among elves and dwarves and
      another among men."

      I've also seen a lot of fantasies that seem to have mixed moral messages
      but black-and-white characters.

      IMHO, it is more important for authors to show that their characters are
      human, with flaws and less-than-pure desires and impulses, than to show
      their postmodern (or whatever) sensibility by demonstrating that good and
      bad are not absolute. At least for some readers, Tolkien and Lewis are
      demonstrations that you can have absolute black-and-white moral messages
      without rigid situations or cardboard characters.

      David Bratman
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