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20594Re: [mythsoc] Re: Catholicism and Lord of the Rings

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  • scribbler@scribblerworks.us
    Jun 12, 2009
      > I've always wondered -- was Beren really dead? Or was he merely so close
      > to death that no one around could tell the difference? Was he really
      > resurrected, or simply revived?
      > If the Gift of Men is beyond even the Valar's understanding, it doesn't
      > make sense that Mandos would have the power to give Beren back his life,
      > no matter how persuasively Luthien sang.
      > emerdavid

      Well, it would seem incongruous that Mandos himself would not be able to
      distinguish between a "nearly dead" mortal soul and a "dead" one. Mandos
      is made anxious about the situation because Beren WILL NOT GO ON the way
      he is supposed to.

      It seems to me, that Beren's soul held onto the world to an unexpected
      degree, instead of passing out of the world. If he had passed out of the
      world, then I agree, Luthien's singing would have been tragic in that it
      would be to no point -- Beren would not be *there* to be returned. But
      that's not what Tolkien sets as the situation. He has Beren "hanging
      around" unexpectedly.

      I say - Beren was dead, but not "departed". A unique situation that the
      Valar could actually address.
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