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2059Re: [mythsoc] Harry Potter, an 11 year old view

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  • Christine Howlett
    Aug 2, 2000
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      From the vantage point of 40+ years, the 'mixed messages' really did not
      bother me. The people seemed quite real, as versus cardboard saints. The
      villains are less mixed - it's hard to find a redeeming trait in most of
      them, though I notice the 4th book has a 'villain' who is simply weak and
      willing to delude himself (that's not a spoiler, is it?). My roommate says
      11 is appropriate to object to mixed good-bad types. I think an 11 year old
      must have met some pretty mixed types already. Like his parents, his
      siblings, his neighbors, his teachers, etc. etc. Humanity being a pretty
      mixed lot. Oh well, different countries heard from.

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      From: David S. Bratman <dbratman@...>
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      Date: Wednesday, August 02, 2000 3:48 PM
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      >I was writing pretty much like that when I was 11. And that's not
      >boasting: I'm sure most of us here were.
      >I don't think there's anything wrong with objecting to mixed moral
      >messages and squeamy situations. The kid has a point. I followed him
      >right up until he recommended Redwall. Oh well, nobody's perfect.
      >David Bratman
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