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20519Re: [mythsoc] "The Hunt for Gollum" movie

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  • David Bratman
    May 13 8:30 PM
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      From: "Doug Kane" <dougkane@...> wrote:

      >But at the end of the film, after Gollum is finally captured, Gandalf tells
      >Aragorn that Gollum's wretchedness was beyond their power to heal. That
      >contradicts what Gandalf actually says in the book, that there is not much
      >hope for his cure, but there is still some.

      I don't remember exactly what the film says, either, but I don't see those
      two points as contradictory. Gandalf says that there is little hope, but
      not no hope, that the evil part of Gollum can be cured; but he doesn't say
      that he can cure him. Gollum has to do that for himself.

      I think of Frodo's comment on Saruman: "He is fallen, and his cure is beyond
      us; but I would still spare him, in the hope that he may find it."

      In the end, of course, Frodo's learning the meaning of Bilbo's pity has
      tremendous effects on Gollum; and it is tremendously misleading for
      Amateur-Film-Gandalf to say _only_ that he and Aragorn cannot heal Gollum.
      But I see this as more a sin of omission than of commission.
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