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20504Re: Tolkien, women, gender and brain-picking

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    May 11, 2009
      ---"Beregond, Anders Stenström" <beregond@...> wrote:
      >Joseph Furolo wrote:
      >>Also the inversion of the 'traditional' male/female associations with sun and moon.

      >Tolkien adheres to the Germanic tradition, with masculine Moon and feminine Sun (evident e.g. in German _der Mond_/_die Sonne_).

      On that subject, see also Yvette Kisor's short article with a long title in vol. 4 of _Tolkien Studies_: "'Elves (and Hobbits) always refer to the Sun as She': Some Notes on a Note in Tolkien's _The Lord of the Rings_".

      -Merlin DeTardo
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