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2049Re: [mythsoc] Time Mag

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Aug 2, 2000
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      In a message dated 8/2/00 9:03:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
      mattole@... writes:

      << I have a nice framed edition in my office. It wasn't that hard to find.
      After bidding for issues on e-bay twice and both times giving up after the
      bidding passed my high bid of $40, I did a search on under "time magazine".
      I then looked up the email address' of about twenty sellers. Next I
      emailed them seperately (with the same message), letting them know which
      issue I was looking for. I was guessing that many of them would have a
      basement of old Time issues and wouldn't know the value of the C. S. Lewis
      issue. It was a hassle, looking up the email addresses, but it paid off.
      Out of the twenty emails I sent out, I received about six responses saying
      that they had found the issue. I bought a perfectly intact copy for $4 plus
      shipping! >>

      Thank you. I think this completely answers my question.

      Wendell Wagner