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  • Sarah Beach
    May 2, 2009
      First off, I'm happy to announce that Tim Powers has agreed to attend as a Special Guest! I know he's popular with Society members.

      For those who wish to send material ahead for the Society auction, they can contact me by email at scribber at scribblerworks dot us.

      If you have questions about how things are shaping up, please ask.

      We will have something of an Art Show for the conference, as well. Our Author Guest of Honor, James Owen, will be bringing some of his art along (and prints of selected pieces for you to buy as well -- trust me, it's lovely stuff: I own five prints and three originals). And he promises to bring the Time Machine featured in THE INDIGO KING as well.

      Remember, you can register and select room & board and everything at wwww.mythsoc.org/mythcon/40/

      Join us! It'll be great!

      Sarah Beach, Chair for Mythcon 40
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