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  • David Bratman
    Mar 23, 2009
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      On the other hand - and _far_ more relevantly for Tolkien criticism - just because some critic reading a book is reminded of something by some other author, it doesn't mean that other author influenced the first one.

      In context, especially because Tolkien put the word "influence" in quotes when saying that Eddison was not one, Tolkien merely means that he hadn't been specifically inspired by Eddison the way he had been by, say, William Morris (an inspiration he acknowledges in Letters p. 303).

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      >The fact that a writer says that they weren't influenced by some other
      >writer is not perfect evidence that they weren't influenced. The things we are
      >influenced by are often things we have consciously forgotten. Sometimes they
      >are things that we'd like to forget.
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