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  • John Davis
    Mar 23, 2009
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      Thanks for people's comments. (I have Tolkien's Letters, but having read them a long time ago and before Eddison, I had clearly banished memory of the reference from my mind!)

      So Tolkien said Eddison didn't influence him, but some say he did. That clears that one up then!


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      Quick version: Tolkien didn't discover ERE's work until the early
      '40s (1942 I think). He admired THE WORM greatly, aside from the
      nomenclature, which he found rather silly (Lord Spitfire was, in
      retrospect, particularly unfortunate). He didn't think much of
      Eddison's philosophy, though, and since that dominates his later
      works he liked them less. Eddison did influence THE LORD OF THE
      RINGS, but only in a few scenes later in the work (Pippin & the
      palantir, Saruman's treacherous attack on Frodo). Both men drew on
      the sagas, but ERE added to that a strong influx from Eliz/Jacobean
      revenge tragedy, which was entirely unTolkienesque, while JRRT's
      concern for the common man is entirely unEddisonian.
      Does that help? For more, I'd recommend Paul Thomas's excellent
      editions, with their outstanding introductions and extensive endnotes.
      --John R.
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