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20429Mentions of Tolkien in David Crystal's books

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Mar 23, 2009
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      I don't think anyone here has ever mentioned the sections in David Crystal's
      books about Tolkien. Crystal may be the most popular writer on language and
      particularly on the English language writing today, and being a linguistics
      Ph.D. he actually gets the details correct. In the chapter "Dialect in
      Middle Earth" in his book The Stories of English, he talks about the dialectal
      differences of characters in Tolkien's works. In the chapter "A Rash of
      Dermatologists" in his book By Hook or by Crook, he talks about how Tolkien uses
      place names from around the area that he grew up and about how Tolkien uses
      words from Old or Middle English. It's not perhaps new information to people
      who've studied Tolkien's use of language, but it's interesting that Crystal
      finds it important to talk about Tolkien in his books.

      Wendell Wagner
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