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20407Re: Journey to the Sea #9 -- Mythical Thinking

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  • Alana
    Mar 5, 2009
      I commented over at the article itself, but thought I would echo myself here--both "On Fairy Stories" and Barfield's _Saving the Appearances_ have quite a lot to say about the consciousness with which we, as products of a highly logic/reason/progress-based worldview, interact with a pre-logical or mythic consciousness. (_Saving the Appearances_ on the whole is about this topic and the evolution of consciousness; Tolkien's essay has the wonderful section about Thor, which I think is most applicable in context.)

      I think mythic thought, in the way you're using it, is important in allowing the world to have (or giving it back) *meaning*, something which a more reason/rationalist approach has devalued in favor of observation and fact.

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