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  • John Davis
    Feb 17, 2009
      Hi Berni,

      Thanks for that - I'll give them a try.

      Although it is probably the non-Christian elements of Williams' books that most appeal to me, which is to say that they often seem more spiritual than Christian - the emphasis being on morality rather than church.


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      From: Berni Phillips
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      You might enjoy the books of Tim Powers. His _Declare_ is the novel which
      most shows his Christianity. (He's a Catholic Christian.) All of his
      novels are good. Also James Blaylock's novels might be your cup of tea,
      particularly _The Paper Grail_.


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      From: "John Davis" <john@...>

      > Does anyone know of any other authors who write in a similar vein to
      > Charles Williams? Aside from Lewis' 'Hideous Strength', I don't know of
      > any, which makes coming to the end of the last two of Williams' books
      > rather sad...
      > John

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