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20300CSL on AbeBooks

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  • John D Rateliff
    Jan 10, 2009
      Here's some new that surprised me: AbeBooks.com, a used book site,
      just posted lists of the books that sold for the most in 2008, and
      CSL topped the science fiction list, with OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET
      going for $7950. Not being a Lewis collector, I had no idea that
      Lewis's harder-to-find books went for those kind of prices. Or did
      the two recent Narnia movies drive up the prices, as the Jackson
      movies and 'Book of the Century' polls did the prices of Tolkien books?

      Anyway, here's the link:


      Also, after seeing it mentioned here a few days back, I ordered some
      of the 'C. S. Lewis Tea', which arrived on Thursday. It's basically
      just an 'Irish Breakfast' blend, but enjoyable enough. I'm going to
      send some to a Lewis-phile friend -- a little too late for Christmas,
      but I still think he'll enjoy it. So, thanks to Joe Christopher for
      making the post, without which I wouldn't have known about this.

      --John R.