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2029Books from Eighth Day

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  • Stolzi@aol.com
    Jul 31, 2000
      <A HREF="http://www.eighthdaybooks.com">http://www.eighthdaybooks.com</A>

      The text says: "We come pretty close to stocking every book in print by C.S.
      Lewis, and many of those about him. And those who love Lewis (we'll count
      ourselves among those who simply think he's one of the greatest Christian
      apologists of all time) will probably also be interested in a sampling of
      books by ... J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, and George MacDonald."

      What, they don't love him?!

      Anyway, I thought the following book in particular might be interesting to
      some here:

      ARTHURIAN POETS: Charles Williams, edited and introduced by David Dodds.
      Published in England, this volume collects Williams' two difficult-to-find
      poetry cycles, "Taliessin through Logres" and "The Region of the Summer
      Stars," along with twenty-four of his earlier poems on Arthurian lore, many
      of them previously unpublished.

      Mary S