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20259Lewis mention in Wikipedia

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Dec 31, 2008
      I think you all completely missed my point when I said that this hoax was
      obscure and pointless. Of course it's simple to insert a joke in Wikipedia.
      It's utterly trivial to create one, in fact, and utterly trivial to fix the
      entry. That wasn't my point. My point was that I can't figure out who this is
      supposed to be a joke on and at what point they are supposed to get it. The
      paragraph I quoted about the supposed article about Lewis written by the six
      professors wasn't caught till I saw it just a week ago. Even I didn't
      realize that it was a hoax until David Bratman pointed out that there's no other
      mention of it online.

      That hoax was put in the Wikipedia entry months ago. I'm not sure when
      exactly, sometime between March and October, but it's been there for months.
      What then would be the point of creating the joke since anyone whatever that it
      might conceivably be aimed at wouldn't see it for months, and anyone who it
      might be aimed at wouldn't even care that much?

      Is it aimed at the one of the professors? Why claim that the article was
      written by six professors then? Why would any professor care that he was
      listed as one of the authors of a hoax article, and why put the only mention of
      this article in the Wikipedia article where no one would think about it being a
      hoax for months? If someone had printed out six copies of that paragraph
      about the hoax article and taped it to each professor's office door, they might
      conceivably care but only for the few seconds it would take them to pull it
      down and throw it away. There's nothing offensive enough in the idea of the
      article for any of the professors to get angry about.

      Why would it be a joke on New College? What would it prove about the
      college if it were true? Who would care about attacking New College - one of its
      football rivals figuring that this is more fun that stealing its mascot's
      costume before the big football game? (Um, that was a joke on my part. New
      College doesn't have any sports teams at all and no mascot, so it's immune to the
      usual sorts of inter-college pranks. It doesn't have any rival colleges of
      any sort, so there's nobody who cares enough about the college to attack it.)

      Why would it be an attack on fans of C. S. Lewis? How are you attacking
      Lewis fans by putting a paragraph in a Wikipedia entry that won't be seen by any
      Lewis fans except perhaps randomly months later? In fact, you could argue
      that this was a joke on me, since I am apparently the only person in the world
      who is (a) a Lewis fan, (b) a New College graduate, and (c) geeky enough to
      check with other Lewis experts if such an article actually exists.

      I stand by my statement that this is the most obscure and pointless hoax
      I've ever seen.

      Wendell Wagner
      **************New year...new news. Be the first to know what is making
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