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20250Re: It took six professors to come up with this?

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  • Jason Fisher
    Dec 29, 2008
      > I must say that the business of adding the fake
      > collaboration between the six professors to the
      > Wikipedia entry strikes me as one of the most
      > obscure and pointless jokes I've ever heard of.
      > Why would someone bother to do enough
      > research to use six real professors and a real
      > journal for the place where this hoax article
      > appeared?
      The more believable the hoax, the more likely (and the longer) it will evade the legions of bots and volunteers constantly working to undo this kind of "information vandalism". As to why somebody wanted to perpetrate the hoax in the first place, perhaps it was vanity? "Look at me! I can affect the Internet!" (My answer to that: start a blog. :-) Or perhaps the individual has an axe to grind with the school or those professors? I don't pretend to understand the motivation, but the method, yes, that makes good sense to me.

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