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20249Re: [mythsoc] Re: It took six professors to come up with this?

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    Dec 28, 2008
      In a message dated 12/27/2008 9:03:04 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      rvjames@... writes:

      The College of Florida
      The name is New College of Florida or just New College. As I said, it's
      where my B.A. is from. The name was just New College when I was there. Its
      full name has changed a couple of times since I left, but most people there just
      refer to it as New College. Thanks for contacting the professors and
      straightening this out, Richard. I was about to do that, but I'm glad you took
      care of it. I must say that the business of adding the fake collaboration
      between the six professors to the Wikipedia entry strikes me as one of the most
      obscure and pointless jokes I've ever heard of. Why would someone bother to do
      enough research to use six real professors and a real journal for the place
      where this hoax article appeared?

      Wendell Wagner
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