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  • John D Rateliff
    Dec 22, 2008
      I've now finished up the Wilcox book, which turns out (like most of
      his works) to not be a book at all but an audiobook original --
      essentialLY an extended lecture or sermon. I wouldn't rank it as
      essential but rather as for completists. I liked the second of the
      two cds better, since there was less about Narnia on it. Despite its
      presumptive focus, it really doesn't delve much into specifics about
      how Lewis's ideas interact with Morman beliefs, which could have been
      rather interesting, but rather holds him up as a champion for all
      Xians. I'd hoped for an examination of THE GREAT DIVORCE (which
      Wilcox describes as a favorite of his) in the light of Morman
      afterlife/prejudgment teachings, but no such luck. A missed
      opportunity, I'd say.
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