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20220Re: [mythsoc] Capitalization in Tolkien

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  • John Davis
    Dec 8, 2008
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      Hi Wayne,

      Can you tell me what conclusions you reached?


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      John (Davis) wrote:

      >Should one capitalise fantasy races?
      >Now the obvious answer would seem to be no, no more than we capitalise
      >real species. So fox, rabbit, hobbit, elf.
      >But Tolkien frequently - and frequently inconsistently, so far as I can
      >see - does capitalise. Not so much in the Hobbit, sometimes in LotR and
      >his letters, always in CoH (making it Christopher I suppose, but he should

      We discussed this issue briefly in our note in the 50th anniversary edition
      of _The Lord of the Rings_, pp. xx-xxi, and in _The Lord of the Rings: A
      Reader's Companion_, pp. 25-26.

      Wayne Hammond & Christina Scull

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