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  • John D Rateliff
    Dec 7, 2008
      On Dec 5, 2008, at 11:15 AM, John D Rateliff wrote:
      > I think here they were working on the model of ethnicities (e.g.,
      > asian vs. Mung)

      As someone pointed out to me off-list (many thanks), this should have
      been HMONG, not 'mung'. I absent-mindedly typed in the name the way
      it's pronounced, not how it's spelled. My mistake; apologies to all.

      And in other news, yesterday I found an audiobook at the library of a
      new book out about CSL I hadn't heard of before. The author is S.
      Michael Wilcox and the title OF LIONS, DRAGONS, & TURKISH DELIGHT: C.
      S. LEWIS FOR LATTER-DAY SAINTS [Deseret Books, 2008]. It's quite
      short (2 hr, 40 min) and, as the subtitle indicates, seems to focus
      on parallels between what CSL has to say and "LDS doctrine". Since
      this is a denomination I suspect Lewis knew little about, I'm curious
      to see what Wilcox comes up with. Has anybody else come across this
      work yet?

      --John R.
      current reading: FRAGMENTS OF ANCIENT POETRY (Ossian) by James
      MacPherson [1760]
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