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  • Elizabeth Hardy
    Jun 4, 2008
      I actually found all of Shrek to be pretty off-putting! I "wanted" to like it, too, especially with its ideas about true beauty, etc., etc., and great music, but the fact that it is marketed as a kids' movie, but is not, for me, appropriate kids' fare (we're potty training; I hear all I want about bodily functions without hearing more on DVD!) really bothers me. Maybe I just have a Mike Myers aversion (except when he's Wayne!) He really just reminds me too much of all the stuff that made junior high school so awful.
      But this discussion does bring up Lewis's great statement that a children's story (or movie?) that can only be read and enjoyed by children is a bad children's story. I have seen many books and movies that I'm sure I would have liked when I was 12, but I wouldn't touch now! Thankfully, Narnia is just as wonderful (and maybe more so) to me when I go there with my son as it was when I went alone at his age.

      (And if we're voting...The perfect fairy tale movie is the The Princess Bride! Choosing anything else would be inconceivable!)

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