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  • Lynn Maudlin
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Hmmm, sounds like a potential paper examing the impact of wedding
      dresses on the success of the marriage and/or the civility of the
      subsequent divorce!

      I quite enjoyed 'Enchanted' (only saw it recently on DVD; must buy
      copy!) and I actually liked the reversing of couples - one didn't see
      any evidence of 'chemistry' between Giselle and The Prince although,
      back in their animated world, they would have done just fine because
      chemistry wasn't an essential part of the marital mix (finishing one
      another's duets was more like it); same for our own world, 100+ years
      ago - much more about common values and goals.

      BUT Giselle has entered into NYC in all its gritty glory (I love the
      Central Park "How Does She Know?" sequence - sooo fun!) and there *is*
      this chemistry thing between her and the lawyer (not to mention the
      daughter) and then he makes her mad - and it's all over. He's brought
      a whole new emotional vocabulary into her life; she can't go backwards
      from that (no retreat!), the potential for a good marriage with the
      Prince has now been irreparably compromised.

      And, as we get to see what a romantic Idina Menzel's character (the
      fiance who winds up marrying the prince) really is and how
      "sweep-off-her-feet"-able - so there's this interesting twist of the
      compliant, good natured but rather stiff prince ending up with a
      passionate romantic... kind of fun, that.

      -- Lynn --

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      > From: David Emerson <emerdavid@...>
      > > Speaking of other movies, is anybody else as enchanted by
      "Enchanted" as I
      > am?
      > Up to a point. I loved the movie until we got to the ending. If I'd
      > writing it, I'd have Giselle make the divorce lawyer and his fiancee
      > that they loved each other (just as she did for the divorcing
      couple), and
      > have Giselle and the Prince marry.
      > Further, it was a real shock to see Giselle go to the ball in that
      > dress! She's a (potential) princess and should have dressed as one!
      (I knew
      > that the marriage of Charles and Diana was doomed as soon as I saw
      Diana in
      > that gosh-awful wedding dress! Of course, Fergie had a GREAT wedding
      dress and
      > she and Andrew ended up divorcing anyway, but on more friendly terms.)
      > Joan
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