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  • Joan.Marie.Verba@sff.net
    Jun 1, 2008
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      From: David Emerson <emerdavid@...>

      > Speaking of other movies, is anybody else as enchanted by "Enchanted" as I

      Up to a point. I loved the movie until we got to the ending. If I'd been
      writing it, I'd have Giselle make the divorce lawyer and his fiancee realize
      that they loved each other (just as she did for the divorcing couple), and
      have Giselle and the Prince marry.

      Further, it was a real shock to see Giselle go to the ball in that gosh-awful
      dress! She's a (potential) princess and should have dressed as one! (I knew
      that the marriage of Charles and Diana was doomed as soon as I saw Diana in
      that gosh-awful wedding dress! Of course, Fergie had a GREAT wedding dress and
      she and Andrew ended up divorcing anyway, but on more friendly terms.)

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