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19806Re: Prince Caspian Movie

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  • Lynn Maudlin
    May 30 5:02 PM
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      I'm ambivalent; on one hand, it was a neat visual sequence and
      effective; on the other hand it was egregious in misrepresenting the
      character (nature) of both Caspian and Peter, showing both of them
      tempted to call the White Witch back.

      This is a place where I think something closer to the book could have
      been sooo effective. In the book Peter and Edmund stand outside the
      door, listening to the temptation, hear Caspian reject the unholy
      help, and come in to help in the battle. Film can improve that by
      cutting from ASLAN directing Peter and Edmund to go "deal with what
      (they) find" at Aslan's How to the events as they start to unfold,
      back to Peter & Edmund traveling as quickly as they can, etc. (can
      have several back & forth cuts to build tension) and they burst in and
      have to immediately assess the danger (Tilda Swinton looming large can
      still work) and act quickly.

      But I'm bothered by the idea that Caspian and Peter are actually
      portrayed as TEMPTED to bring back the White Witch! No no no no no no!


      I do, however, know just what you mean about being a purist and a pain!

      -- Lynn --

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, Elizabeth Hardy <britomart3@...> wrote:
      > I also really liked the calling of the White Witch business in
      Aslan's How, and the young man who plays Edmund in these films is a
      gem. Regardless of how much I might carp about changes ( but I try to
      restrain myself;I don't want to be a whiny purist that no one wants to
      accompany to the movies!), my son and I had a wonderful time together.
      He sat on my lap most of the time, jumping and cheering and laughing
      at all the right places, and we had a wonderful talk on the way home,
      so for me, it's a hit. Also, I hope it makes boatloads of money so we
      get Dawn Treader, probably a given with all its CGI
      possibilities--dragons and sea serpents and dark islands-oh my! The
      last bit of that book is one of the most wonderful segments in all
      > Elizabeth
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