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19779Re: [mythsoc] Prince Caspian Movie

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  • Dean Rowley
    May 18, 2008
      Ms. Dean:
      I just saw it today and I have not read this book. I will leave some space before I say anything else so as to hide spoilers.


      This movie stresses the continuing interest the children have in Narnia. They are brought back to help end a new tyranny but almost fail because they do not look to Ashlan for help until they almost destroy the freedom fighter's army. I case I am repeating what people who have read the book know, it was necessary to be sure that this much of the plot is given so that the criticism will make sense.
      While I think Lewis' Christian allegory is somewhat heavy-handed in the Narnia books, it is necessary to the story he is telling. There is no Christian allegory here. This is a standard sword-and-sorcery adventure with a trite moral because it is not anchored in any larger system. By this I mean the Lord of the Rings movies may not be what everybody wants but their was always the feeling that the fight on Middle-earth was a part of a grand war between good and evil. That feeling is missing here.
      That said: go see this movie. Whatever else, it did one thing movies like this ought to do, it made me want to read the book. And Peter's duel is truly heroic.
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      Has anyone seen this yet?

      If so, what were your impressions?

      It snuck up on me, since I'd had very little news of it in the
      interim between the first movie and now.

      --Margaret Dean
      <margdean@erols. com>

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