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19764Re: [mythsoc] oxford visit

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  • David Bratman
    May 17, 2008
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      WendellWag@... wrote:

      >Do you realize that cars are banned from central Oxford?

      Many of the streets in the immediate university district are closed to driving - more than there were when I first visited there - but not all in the broader central city. There are many parking lots (assuming you can find a space) on the immediate north side within easy walking distance of the university district. It'd be misleading to say cars are banned from "central Oxford" the way that there's a congestion charge in "central London" which is a huge place.

      Sara is right, though; the Park and Ride lots are the best thing to use. And in fact there's one near the junction of the A34 and A40 which is within walking distance of Wolvercote Cemetery. But you can still orient yourself by taking the viewpoint of central Oxford and saying "it's out the Banbury Road."
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