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19762Re: [mythsoc] oxford visit

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  • WendellWag@aol.com
    May 16, 2008
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      Do you realize that cars are banned from central Oxford?

      In a message dated 5/16/2008 12:20:57 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      saraciborski@... writes:

      A practical question: I am going to England in a few days--a long-
      planned vacation-type trip--and I will have one day to spend in Oxford.
      And of course--for this, in particular, is long-desired-And of course--for
      to visit Tolkien's grave. I see on my road atlas (I will be driving)
      that Wolvercote, the town, is somewhat to the northwest of Oxford.
      So...can I assume that Wolvercote cemetery is in the town of
      Wolvercote? And is it hard to find? Many on this list must have been
      there and I am grateful for any driving instructions you might be able
      to provide.
      Sara Ciborski

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