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19687Re: Elves as Artists

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  • Sarah Beach
    Apr 14, 2008
      It makes me chuckle to find myself cited in such company. Sort of
      a "What? Me?" reaction.

      That said, most of the Mythopoesis columns are also available online,
      on my website: http://www.scribblerworks.us/works/bibliography.htm

      I think I may have overlooked the "Creation and Derivation" column.
      Either that, or I chose not to put it online because it dealt with
      some specific matters regarding Tolkien's work. (I've chosen not to
      put my Tolkien scholarship online, since I'm considering collecting
      it for a volume.)

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, "Croft, Janet B." <jbcroft@...> wrote:
      > I think "Tree and Leaf" is a very important source to look at for
      sub-creation and sub-sub-creation, and what it means to be an
      artist. Dorothy L. Sayers's _The Mind of the Maker_ is also an
      excellent resource, though I don't know that Tolkien ever read it.
      Some other items from the Index:
      > Beach, Sarah. "Mythopoesis: History." 10.3 (#37) (1984): 26, 34.
      > Studies the process of creating fantasy worlds, or sub-creation,
      with observations from several authors including Le Guin, Lewis, and
      > Creativity and creation
      > See also Sub-creation
      > Beach, S. "Mythopoesis." 10.1 (#35) (1983): 48, 50.

      > Sub-creation
      > Beach, S. "Mythopoesis: Creation (Out of Chaos) and Derivation
      (Users and Lovers)." 9.4 (#34) (1983): 27, 48.
      > Beach, S. "Mythopoesis: History." 10.3 (#37) (1984): 26, 34.
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