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19639Re: The Eowyn Challenge

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Apr 5, 2008
      >---"Lynn Maudlin" <lynnmaudlin@...> wrote:
      << Yeah but their mileage estimates are off... I'm not sure how they
      came up with the estimates, but according to them Hobbiton and Bag
      End are 61 miles apart! >>

      Where is that error, Lynn? The site's "Hobbiton to Rivendell"
      mileage listing is here:


      And like the rest of the charts, it's derived from Karen Fonstad's
      _Atlas_ (with her blessing), which is a pretty scrupulous work. In
      this case, it follows Frodo's journey, and so walkers don't even pass
      through Hobbiton, heading first west from Bag End, then south through
      the fields, crossing the Water and Road west of the village, and so
      on into Tookland and beyond. At the 61 mile point, the chart
      has "Edges of fields worked by Farmer Maggot".

      -Merlin DeTardo

      P.S. Sorry for the double-post yesterday. -MTD
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