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19632Re: [mythsoc] The Eowyn Challenge

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  • Ellen
    Apr 4, 2008
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      I participated in this back when it started. I was rehabbing from an
      injury at the time, and walking was about the only form of exercise I
      could do. I made it to Rivendell, then partway through Moria. After
      that, my pedometer conked out and I never got the new one configured
      correctly, so I stopped counting miles. It was lots of fun and great
      motivation. When I knew I was about to hit Bree, I wanted to finish the
      walk someplace where I could have a pint. I don't recall offhand how I
      celebrated getting to Rivendell. Upon reaching Moria, I took a trip to
      Mammoth Cave and counted some of those miles.

      Ellen Denham

      bernip wrote:
      > Hey, have y'all heard of this? It's an exercise/fitness goal thingee
      > based on Tolkien! Figure out how far your own walking would get you on
      > Frodo's journey or, for the fitness-phobic, turn your love of Tolkien
      > into better health.
      > http://home.insightbb.com/~eowynchallenge/index.html
      > <http://home.insightbb.com/%7Eeowynchallenge/index.html>
      > I've seen several writers on LiveJournal putting xx miles to Rivendell
      > (or wherever) at the ends of their journals. I guess this is what
      > they're referring to.
      > Berni
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