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19606Re: The Company They Keep

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  • Grace Donaldson
    Mar 17, 2008
      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, John D Rateliff <sacnoth@...> wrote:
      > I too wd suggest WAR IN HEAVEN, with THE GREATER TRUMPS as the
      > alternate if the person I was suggesting it to had a strong
      > in the tarot. CSL of course started with PLACE OF THE LION, and it
      > seems to have been his favorite to recommend to new readers, but
      > glad I didn't start with that one. Avoid SHADOWS OF ECSTASY until
      > after you've read most if not all of the others.
      > --JDR

      Ah, I started with _Place of the Lion_, after reading Sayer's bio
      _Jack_...and while I've been meaning to read _All Hallow's Eve_ and
      _War in Heaven_ since then, sigh...the first one was too much for me...

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