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19599Re: [mythsoc] Re: The Company They Keep

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  • Ellen
    Mar 17, 2008
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      I finally got around to reading Williams last year and read THE GREATER
      TRUMPS, followed by WAR IN HEAVEN. I liked them both, but I think I
      liked THE GREATER TRUMPS best. It even made me want to get a set of
      tarot cards because I knew almost nothing about them and wanted to see
      the images. I don't think Williams will ever be a favorite of mine, but
      I did like the books and would like to read his other novels at some point.

      Ellen Denham

      Alana wrote:
      > > Williams can be a challenge. His novels are often considered a
      > >good place to start, but one way to get a discussion going among
      > >Williams readers is to ask which novel a new reader should try
      > >first. My vote goes to _War in Heaven_.
      > See, I'd vote _Greater Trumps,_ but that's just because it's my
      > favorite (and I think that it has the most clear depiction of
      > coinherence as a physical as well as psychical possibility). You're
      > right, though, I bet this is an easy discussion to start... :)
      > -Alana #2

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