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19563Re: Population Levels in Middle-earth

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  • Merlin DeTardo
    Mar 7, 2008
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      ---Margaret Dean <margdean@...> wrote:
      << My husband, who's done some research on medieval population and
      economics (mostly for gaming purposes) tends to say that population
      levels in Middle-earth are "way too low". Medieval Europe simply
      didn't have the large uninhabited tracts that Middle-earth does, at
      least in the Third Age. >>

      I've read similar arguments online*, that even a very small surviving
      population of Men and Elves at the end of the Second Age should yield
      much higher populations by the end of the Third Age than Tolkien
      presents, and so:

      "The only solution is this: there is some major population sink that
      is killing off most of the races of Middle-earth as fast or faster
      than they can repopulate, at least in certain areas, and everywhere
      at enough of a rate so that the places where population is growing do
      not colonize everywhere else through migration."


      -Merlin DeTardo
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