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19561Re: [mythsoc] Re: Lewis review in the movies

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  • David Bratman
    Mar 6, 2008
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      At 12:55 AM 3/7/2008 +0000, Lynn Maudlin wrote:

      >That's wild, David - what was the implication that the Jones character
      >couldn't understand a word? Did he not *read* or did he not grasp the

      The character was certainly literate (and fairly computer savvy, too). I'd guess the intended implication of the scene was that he didn't have a mind attuned to that high-falutin' literary stuff: a plain Biblical tale of heroism against great odds was more his meat. If so, LWW was a rather incongruous book by those standards, and I'd therefore presume the script didn't specify it. Perhaps the set people just handed the actor a likely-looking book and that happened to be it.
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