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19538Re: [mythsoc] Graduate programs - C.S. Lewis, theology, & the arts

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  • Larry Swain
    Feb 29, 2008
      You can proceed from one of two angles, depending on other factors of importance to you (location, prestige, etc).

      1) Look for a university/religion and literature faculty that will allow you to study TOlkien and Lewis and probably has someone on faculty who is able to supervise such a dissertation. I might suggest Nortre Dame as one such program.

      2) Look for people who are writing about the religion, theology, and theological influences on Tolkien and Lewis, especially if you like what they have to say, and find out where they teach, send them emails describing your interests and feel them out re: you becoming one of their students.

      There is a third option:
      You could do a literature degree: one can't be a medievalist or an Early Modern lit person and stray far from religion and theology. If you choose this option, look at 1 and 2 above and proceed accordingly.

      Larry Swain

      > I can't really recommend any particular university, but I would offer
      > the advice that if you are interested in a theology program that will
      > provide you with further insight into Tolkien and Lewis, look for a
      > one in which the works of Thomas Aquinas have a prominent, if not
      > central, presence.
      > Good luck!

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