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19407Re: To Hobbit or not To Hobbit?

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  • Adam Smith
    Feb 11, 2008
      There was some confusion regarding the _Sir Gawain_. Thanks for
      clearing that up David. My own understanding (admittedly
      unresearched) was that the Gordon/Tolkien edition released in 1925
      was the same one I had in my collection (the aforementioned Tolkien
      translation from the 1950's). I'd assumed it was the same edition,
      merely packaged under Tolkien's name to sell copies. I have to get
      that fixed.

      In regards to the LotR movie proceeds and what claims the Tolkien
      Estate has to it, I'm unclear as well. The movie rights were sold
      by Tolkien himself in 1969 to United Artists/MGM.

      --- In mythsoc@yahoogroups.com, David Bratman <dbratman@...> wrote:
      > I'm surprised that the Tolkien Estate (or Tolkien Trust) is owed
      any royalties from the Jackson films, as the rights had already been
      sold outright during Tolkien's lifetime. I knew that New Line had
      offered the Estate monetary rights for the Tolkien family's
      participation in and endorsement of the film project, but that would
      have been an additional deal and the Estate turned it down.
      > I thought maybe somebody had confused the Tolkien Estate with
      Tolkien Enterprises, an entirely different body with no connection
      to the Estate, but I looked at your source and that's what it says.
      > On the other hand, I glanced down at your post about reading Simon
      Armitage's translation of _Sir Gawain_ and how it's more
      contemporary than the Tolkien & Gordon translation of 1925. You
      write that Tolkien & Gordon "were traditionalists ... aiming to keep
      the archaic flavor of the Middle English language," and I should say
      they were, since their book was an edition of the original text and
      not a translation at all!
      > However, your Amazon link _is_ to Tolkien's (not Gordon's)
      translation, a quite different book, probably written in the early
      1950s and not published until 1975. There seems to have been a
      little confusion here.
      > Adam Smith <amsmith0903@...> wrote:
      > >I just ran across an interesting bit of news. It appears that
      > >Tolkien Estate has filed a $150 mil + dollar suit against New
      > >Cinema regarding unpaid royalties from the first movie trilogy.
      > >
      > >Apparently the suit also seeks the ability to block any further
      > >from New Line, including the already-slated Hobbit twin-pack. I
      > >put up a more detailed post on my Tolkien-news blog at
      > >
      > ><http://www.tolkien-online.com/tolkien-news.html>
      > >
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