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19400Re: [mythsoc] two queries

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  • David Bratman
    Feb 10, 2008
      At 02:30 PM 2/7/2008 -0800, John D Rateliff wrote:

      >First, when discussing the Inklings in her most recent lecture (which
      >by the way drew heavily on Diana's book, which she praised by name),
      >she told of an occasion when Tolkien and Williams happened to be
      >lecturing at the same time and said that Williams drew a huge crowd,
      >while the only person to attend Tolkien's lecture was the official
      >note-taker. I don't remember ever having heard this story before, nor
      >that there is any such thing as an 'official note-taker' at Oxford,
      >never mind the fact that it was Tolkien himself who arranged for
      >Williams to give lectures and set the schedule. Has anyone else come
      >across this incident?

      This pings something in my memory - somewhere there's something about Tolkien and Williams either scheduling their lectures at the same time or not scheduling them at the same time, because ... and here the fleeting memory ends. No opportunity to look it up right now.
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