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19367Re: '50 Greatest Postwar British Writers'

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  • Adam Smith
    Jan 21, 2008
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      An interesting list, though of course these lists are made simply to
      be argued with.

      There were some important omissions that others have noted - Richard
      Adams, Graham Greene, W.H. Auden. The criteria for inclusion on the
      list seems a bit cloudy.

      Larkin, though a talented (and at times downright depressing) writer
      and poet, is a surprise at #1.

      I was rather surprised to see John Fowles & AS Byatt so far down the
      list - I think "The French Lieutenant's Woman" and "Possession" are
      two of the better postwar English novels.

      I also think a case could be made for Robert Holdstock - certainly
      more so, IMHO, than Moorcock.

      Just my two cents (or less).

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