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19355Re: '50 Greatest Postwar British Writers'

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  • Jason Fisher
    Jan 16, 2008
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      > Not only are Tolkien and Lewis both prominently featured, but so
      > are two of the four other eligible fantasy authors I most cherish
      > (Mervyn Peake and Alan Garner; the other two are Richard Adams
      > and Diana Wynne Jones).

      Thank God somebody else remembered Alan Garner -- one of my favorites growing up!

      > I'm a little puzzled by the eligibility criteria: they omitted Graham Greene,
      > who's partly a pre-1945 author, but so are CSL and Orwell, yet they made
      > the list.

      (With the caveat that I have no idea what their criteria might have been:) I have to say the omission of Graham Greene is just shameful. He's another of my favorite writers, but setting aside my own personal tastes, I don't see how one can ignore his contribution to English letters.
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