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19237Re: Láthspell, Gospel

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  • Jason Fisher
    Dec 11, 2007
      > Sorry, Jason, I think I misremembered the spell that Lucy
      > resisted (I thought it was the beauty spell? Obviously I need
      > to re-read; it's been 5 or 6 years, methinks).

      No worries, Lynn. Actually, you're right: it was the beauty spell, but the results, had she recited it, would have been *catastrophic* for everyone. Or at least, so it appears from the illustrations in the book.

      > And yes, good point that reading about horrible stuff
      > in the Bible doesn't make the horrible stuff happen (and
      > may even help to keep it from happening again--).
      > Good points.

      Thanks! It is, of course, all down to personal interpretation, I think. Others have made some good counterpoints here as well. Adam's observations, for instance. I know I'm certainly thinking about the episode more now than I ever did before. And that's thanks to Jef's original "newsletter" post. That's how good conversation works, no? :)